Framesi: finishing/styling

A styling and finishing line that turns a daily gesture into a moment of wellbeing. Refined in both formulation and presentation, BY Framesi products are the perfect combination of a search for the most exclusive look and targeted hair care treatment.

Extreme Lava: Strenght

Black rock imprisons the energy of ancient volcanoes.
Cosmetic science turns its rich and valuable mineral core into the professional line that gives the hair greater texture and dynamism.
Sculpting, styling, fixing and making the hair more structured and luminous.
With Extreme Lava, styling has a regenerating power and can easily support the most extreme solutions, while the hair becomes stronger and more flexible.

White Pearl: Lightness

A priceless remedy once reserved for the emperors of China, pearls are a source of vitality and health in modern cosmetics too.
Their seductive translucent covering encloses an exclusive treasure, which BY Framesi places in the hairdressser’s hands to give the hair delicate forms and incomparable luminosity, moisturization and protection.

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